Trees of Holland Township

Holland Township is home to a wide variety of trees. An Environmental Commission initiative is underway to identify various types of trees throughout our publicly accessible land. The trees will be labeled with special signs denoting the type of tree.

tree sign on trees page


Here is an example tree sign. The QR code
on the sign links to specific information for the
type tree. Use your mobile phone to scan the








We are working to create an interactive map showing where you can find the marked trees. The first set of labeled
trees are on the Riegel Ridge Community Center property.

Here are the current set of trees with our Holland Tree signs. See if you can find each tree.

tree map

The following are links to additional tree information including our inventory of trees with signs.

General tree information

These are the trees with signs in Holland Township. Each tree name is a link to more information about the specific tree. This list will grow as additional trees are identified and labeled.

Holland Tree Map

Black Oak

Norway Maple

Red Maple


Thornless Honeylocust

Tulip Tree


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