Stormwater Picture Gallery

 In this picture, you can see how stormwater runoff has eroded the streambank and the dirt around the roots of the trees. This erosion can cause trees to fall and block off our roads, and further destabilize the stream and road embankments.SW1


This is one of the streams that runs along our roads in Holland Township. Excessive runoff from roads and properties causes debris and foreign objects like trash, safety cones, logs, trees and brush into streams.


Roadside and hillside erosion is carried by stormwater that can overtime clog pipes and catch basins as shown in this photo.



This photo taken on Spring Mills Road shows what happens when excess stormwater runoff coming from uphill rushes down the embankment causing trees, sediment, and rock to be carried into the road.


Holland Township Environmental Commission Stormwater Subcommittee

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Stormwater Coordinator
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