Please be advised that Holland Township Police Department can fingerprint residents of Holland Township only for the following reasons:

1. Federal requests
2. In-State Adoption
3. Out-of-State Requests

Residents MUST provide their own fingerprint cards. Fingerprinting for the above reasons will be done by appointment only. Please call the Holland Township Police Department at (908) 995-2804, Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 3:00pm to request an appointment. Attempts will be made to accommodate all individual requests as soon as possible, consistent with a police officer's availability.
You MUST be a Holland resident to be printed.

The following reasons for fingerprinting CANNOT be accomplished by the Holland Township Police Department under current New Jersey State Police Guidelines, regardless of the individual's address:

Firearm Applications
Employer Requests
Foreign Business
Good Conduct
International Adoption
Personal Record
VISA Applications
Youth Athletic Coaching

If you fall under any of the above categories the State of New Jersey has contracted with IdentoGO, a private company to provide fingerprinting service. Fees are charged. If you have access to a computer you may contact IdentoGO for on-line scheduling at or you may call (877) 503-5981 for further information.